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New Trends 2020 Video Series

If you want to hear opinions on some of the topics covered in our Trends 2020 reports, our Travelport leaders have created some short videos to discuss what these trends could mean for your business.

The future of air retailing

The future of air retailing

Cormac Reilly
VP & Global Head of Travel Partners - Solutions

Watch Cormac explain the evolution of air retailing and how travel brands can transform their bottom line by advancing their offerings.

Virtual interlining for OTAs

Virtual Interlining for OTAs

JP Ephithite
Director OTA & Meta Propositions

How can travel brands form a more consolidated end-to-end trip. JP gives four steps for creating a successful virtual interlining strategy.

The rise of the super app

The rise of the super app

Niall Minihan
Senior Commercial Manager

Niall explains what a super app is and how it can help deliver that elusive frictionless experience for travel brands around the world.

Together we can build brand value and drive higher performance

If you are an airline looking to differentiate your brand and increase your average ticket prices, visit our dedicated pages and learn how you can join over 400 travel companies maximizing revenue opportunities with content and branding solutions.

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Together. Further. Stronger.

In a competitive travel market, what’s the key to commercial success? Our latest eBook is designed to help Air, Hotel and Car vendors navigate today’s travel landscape and stay ahead of the curve in changing times.

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The travel industry is growing to record levels.

Travel spending is at a record $8.8 trillion. While it's a great time to be in the game, the rules are changing fast. Savvy travel providers know that working closely with a technology partner through this change can bring a wealth of opportunity.

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Build a business for the future

In our latest infographic, we unlock the stats behind the changing travel industry and take a look at how you can build your audience with Travelport, plus how to reach and amaze new customers on every step of their journey.

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Discover the secrets behind our travel partners’
success in our latest series of articles.

Optimizing your hotel value proposition

By managing your content effectively, you can reach a global community of 220,000 frequent bookers, increase conversions and take your business to the next level.

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Start your engines and stay in first place!

As an ACRISS member, Travelport covers all your content needs, from connectivity to data processing and retailing. We’ll help keep your customers on the beaten track...

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Pioneering change across the travel industry

With 300+ airlines live and counting, we’re enabling our partners to deliver the most relevant content to their customers. See how airlines have benefited so far!

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