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Travelport Smartpoint combines all your favorite tools with powerful new ones so you have everything you need, all in one place.

Work smarter every day

Our tutorials show you how to use your favorite tools in Travelport Smartpoint, as well as smart new ways to book and sell.
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Our online training helps you to improve your knowledge and build your confidence with Travelport Smartpoint.
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Work smarter every day

Find all the tools you need, from classic cryptic commands to intuitive point-and-click features.

Train anywhere, anytime

Our online training lets you train the way you want to, when you want to.

Enhance your skills with our Travelport Smartpoint certification program


There are four modules to choose from covering Air, Hotel, Car and Rail

Each module has three simple steps

Show me

Watch a step-by-step scenario completed in Travelport Smartpoint.

Let me try

Practice each scenario by interacting with a simulated version of Travelport Smartpoint.

Check my progress

Try out your new skills by completing a booking scenario.

How to become a Travelport Smartpoint Expert

For each module you pass, you’ll become a Travelport Smartpoint Specialist in that area.
Complete all four modules and become a Travelport Smartpoint Expert.