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The world around us is changing 

New technologies are enabling us to transform the way we buy and manage travel, turning trips into experiences. 

Experience Innovation Travel has always been about new experiences.

Today, new technologies like cloud, AI and blockchain are enabling us to reimagine where you find your inspiration, how you book your transport, add adventures and manage every part of your journey. This turns your trip into a unique experience, whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or a mix of the two.  

We’ll always provide choice, drive performance and use the intelligence in our platform to personalize and tailor your experience uniquely to you and your customers, but we’re also innovating, inspiring and experimenting with ways to use new technologies to make buying and managing travel continually better.  

We’re proud to be part of your experience.  

Gordon Wilson  

Distribution 4.0 

Mike, our chief architect, calls our new era of travel Distribution 4.0. Here, he explains how five technologies are interacting to deliver a world of new experiences:  

Travel has always been at the forefront of innovation

When the world went online, the travel industry led. When online moved into your pocket, app-based travel grew. Now, in a world when travelers want seamless experiences, travel companies need to be everywhere you are. They need the right digital infrastructure to deliver the content you need in a single second.   Our partner IBM shares our view of How blockchain can make your next trip Instagram-worthy, as “new generations are no longer buying assets. They’re buying experiences,” Mike Croucher explains. Today, travelers looking to discover small, local suppliers must sort through many untrustworthy and even false reviews. Booking flights, hotels, and other travel accommodations can be overwhelming. We’re putting the ability into the hands of the operator to upload bookings and work through contracts and administrative tasks within the blockchain network so that travelers, experience providers, and hotels can benefit from the management and increased availability of long tail content. Click here to read more.

"The right technology for the job" Tony Hird, VP Technology

Tony is passionate about having the right technology for the job and explains why companies which need to distribute content quickly and securely should be using cloud based infrastructure. 

Managing big data is crucial to our business. Here’s what goes on inside our platform! 

With every traveler wanting something different from their experience, and airlines and hotels offering a wide range of routes, rates and rooms, we need to manage the broadest range of content in the shortest possible time. With over a trillion messages a year crossing our platform, where can we take you?


Partnering drives innovation

Our CIO, Matt and his colleagues explain why we partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies to ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation.  

How can our innovation power your next experience?