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The Experience is Everything

How to create a personalized experience for every traveler

eBook: Traveler personas for OTAs

Research into behaviours and habits to enhance your targeting

We analyzed billions of GDS booking signals and surveyed over 3,000 travelers to uncover the six personas your OTA should target. Get the research and find out how you can dial up your personalization efforts and turn passive browsers into loyal customers.

eBook: How OTAs can optimize conversions across the customer journey

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Webinar: Traveler personas for OTAs

We will explore new research into traveler personas and how OTAs can use this data to drive their targeting strategy.


Webinar: How to create more relevant offers at your OTA

Our experts discuss how your OTA can increase customer retention and loyalty using market insights, traveler data, and key technologies.


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Webinar: How OTAs can optimize conversion across the customer journey

Watch our panel of industry experts as they discuss the traveler journey and how OTAs can drive conversion at every stage.

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Webinar: 3 solutions to increase shopping cart value at your online travel agency

Accelerate business growth with Travelport’s car and hotel solutions and improve the airline experience with branded fares and ancillaries.

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Want bite-sized info about your traveler personas?

Quick-fire facts you need to know to boost the success of tailored travel experiences.

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The Experience is Everything: Going Deeper

45% of couples are looking for package deals with OTAs

Discover how 'build-your-own' package deals will give your customers more than enough choice and help drive conversion.

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How Automation can help your OTAs Group Bookings

Websites with good deals, an easy to use interface and idea sharing systems are key to winning this growing travel persona.

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How online travel agencies can capture more business traveler bookings

Want to discover how to target business travelers? From upsell opportunities to on-the-go ancillaries, heres how to boost repeat business.

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How online travel agencies can target solo travelers

With mobile technology making solo travel easier (and safer) than ever before, here’s how to appeal to this growth market.

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How OTAs can target family traveler personas

Family vacations are all about keeping the kids happy – here’s how to appeal to this large traveler segment.

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How RCG increased revenue by 15% using global GDS data

Discover how RCG’s insights identified new business growth opportunities for hard to track routes and destinations.

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FlightNetwork reduces its response time and increases profitability

See how Travelport Search Control Console increased business agility and partner satisfaction for FlightNetwork.

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Delivering more choice and a better customer experience

Barcelona-based Atrapalo saw a 30% rise in upsell fares using Travelport branded fares and ancillaries.

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Branded fares and ancillaries

Give your travelers more itinerary options, more upgrade fares, and more flight extras.

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