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Travelport Exclusive Rates

Many agents spend time outside their booking workflow searching for hotel deals on multiple websites, or by picking up the phone. Now they don’t have to because with 13,000 hotels in 100 countries participating in the Travelport Excusive Rate Programme they can access great rates/offers simply by using Rate Access Code 4TM for B2B Agencies and Rate Access Code 4TJ for B2C Agencies.

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What are the benefits for Agencies? 

  • — Access to 13,000+ hotels with negotiated rates
  • — Stay in your agent workflow to increase efficiency
  • — Save time by reducing manual processes
  • — Increase attachment rates
  • — Improve customer service
  • — Complement existing hotel programmes
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Benefits may include: 

  • — Discounted rates - up to 30% off best available rate (BAR)
  • — Increased agent commission
  • — Competitive flat rates, often fully flexible
  • — Length of stay promotions
  • — Added value amenities; often include complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, or similar 

How to access Travelport Exclusive Rates

B2B agents can book Travelport Exclusive Rates within their existing workflow by using Rate Access Code 4TM and B2C agents can book Travelport Exclusive Rates by using Rate Access Code 4TJ.

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