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Unlocking hotel sales with exclusive rates for every traveler

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Travelport Exclusive Rates

Unlocking hotel sales with exclusive rates for every traveler 

For World Travel Inc., delivering the best client experience is always top of the agenda, which means offering a fast, consistently excellent booking experience and the best hotel offers every time.

“It’s common for our clients to have corporate negotiated rates in the US, but not so much overseas. We wanted to give them great negotiated rates anywhere they’re traveling to, while also making it quick and simple for agents to find and book them.”

Julie Deppe, VP of Enterprise Technology | World Travel, Inc.

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More unique offers, more loyalty

By using Travelport Exclusive rates, World Travel, Inc. is helping the travel management company to deliver the best negotiated hotel offers for clients every time, in every location around the world, even when clients have no corporate negotiated rates available.

“Each hotel defines a unique rate for our clients that offers a pricing discount, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free parking or any other similar benefit. With Exclusive Rates, we can always offer our clients the very best available deal, especially in regions and countries where they have no corporate negotiated rates available.”

Improving service efficiency

World Travel, Inc. had already implemented Travelport Hotel Retail booking tool, and so knew the huge benefit Travelport’s tools could bring the business. By adding Travelport Exclusive Rates, there is no need to add these codes into searches manually, which speeds up the booking process allowing agents to focus on meeting each client’s needs.

“Agents don’t have to do anything extra to access and book Exclusive Rates, which means the process is fast and super-easy for them. And with all available rates displayed side by side in Hotel Retail, it’s extremely easy for agents to compare rates and identify the one that offers the best value. By making it fast and easy to offer our corporate clients the best available rates, Travelport is helping us speed up booking interactions and improve our operating efficiency.”

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Gaining more competitive advantage

Travelport Exclusive Rates is helping World Travel, Inc. to maintain its industry leading position in the highly competitive corporate travel market.

“With Exclusive Rates, we offer clients value-added hotel offers that they can’t get from non-Travelport partners. By delivering this unique value for our clients, we’re increasing our competitiveness and that will help us achieve even greater success in the future.”

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