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In today’s exciting world of evolving distribution strategies, we don’t believe the conversation should be about any single source of content, whether that’s NDC (New Distribution Capability), API (Application program interface), classic ATPCo connectivity – or whatever new technology comes next. Instead, as the first NDC Level 3 Certified aggregator and first GDS operator to manage the live booking of flights using these new standards, we believe that all of us in the industry should be around the tech table, talking about ways to ensure that we continue to make the experience of managing and buying travel continually better for everyone.
Dear airlines - are you new distribution compatible? 

NDC continues what we’ve always done at Travelport: providing choice to our customers through relevant, bookable content from whichever distribution method a supplier chooses to connect to us.
Travelport NDC Roadmap  

We continue to build the technology to make the process of buying and managing travel continually better for everyone – see how far we have come along on our NDC journey.
New airline distribution tech will allow agencies to improve customer experience

The airline retail ecosystem appears to be overcoming the initial NDC teething troubles. Travel agencies can now look forward to taking advantage of some real tangible benefits.
Spotlight on NDC Around the World

Regional NDC highlights and concerns from travel industry leaders in different regions across the globe.
NDC is not just a standard – it’s a signal to the industry
Travelport’s Vice President, Technology and Head of Architecture Stu Waldron gives his view on the new way of thinking and building systems for the future.
Delivering NDC our 2019 roadmap

View our roadmap to see the milestones we’re looking forward to reaching
during 2019.
Travelport shares New Distribution Capability (NDC) insights

On 23rd October 2018, we announced that our NDC solution was live with a UK-based travel agency, Meon Valley Travel, and that we had successfully become the first GDS operator to manage the commercial booking of flights using the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) NDC technical standard.

Find out more about our five key insights from our first few weeks operating a live NDC booking solution.
Watch our videos and delve deeper into NDC with us
In conversation with Adrian Parkes,

In conversation with Mervyn Williamson, 
Managing Director, T&T Statesman

In conversation with our Online Travel Agency customers

In conversation with David Rutnam,
IATA NDC Regional Implementation Manager
Travelport answers the 10 most common
NDC questions
The future of airline retailing depends on
industry collaboration
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New  Distribution Celebration

In our latest development, Travelport becomes the first GDS operator to offer NDC content. The first transaction was made by a UK-based travel agent for a short-haul low-cost flight issued by a major European carrier.
Come behind the scenes as we get NDC ready

New technologies allow us to do things differently, more efficiently and in a personalized, customer-centric way. NDC is part of this change. 
Four ways APIs are enabling the transformation

Travelport examines the different ways that APIs transform travel shopping into personal, effortless eCommerce-like experiences.

Learn more about NDC and airline distribution strategies 

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  • Ensuring the future’s not fragmented
NDC, its certifications and what they mean for you

As the first GDS operator to have been awarded IATA New Distribution Capability Level 3 Certification as an Aggregator and Distributor, Travelport explains the various NDC certification levels.
NDC is changing the way the travel industry is thinking

Ian Heywood, Global Head of New Distribution at Travelport discusses how IATA's NDC is starting to shape the industry, how it works and where the benefits lie
for all.
NDC - What, Why, How and the Journey to 2020

Hear from Travelport at the recent CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit in Sydney, listen to the latest updates on this new era of travel retail and how it impacts on all players.


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