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Together, IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) and Travelport lie at the heart of the travel ecosystem - helping you to manage or buy travel more efficiently. Whether as an agency, an airline or a traveler.

For whatever stage of the NDC journey you have reached: this hub is the place to start. It’s where you’ll find all the information you need to make the most of NDC and of the opportunities it offers for better business, better service and a better travel experience.

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How will NDC benefit your business?

21 airlines are committed to having 20% of their sales powered by NDC in 2020 in a move that will address the industry’s current distribution limitations.

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  • NDC, API, classic connectivity, product differentiation, time-to-market and branded content solutions for airlines, agencies, and corporate travel managers
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NDC in action

Accomplishing NDC's 2020 goals - the road to implementation

Industry experts converge to talk about how Travelport's collaborative approach is enabling success for all in the lead up to 2020.

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It's just the beginning : what can NDC-ready travel agencies look forward to?

Unprecedented access to differentiated content and competitive offers are just two of the things that - with the right tech - travel agencies will benefit from.

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Travelport's 2019 NDC milestones

Travelport has been leading the conversation around NDC since the beginning - see what's in the pipeline for 2019.

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"Why are airlines looking for a new way to distribute their content?"

Intrepid travel tech expert Ian Heywood took to the stage at the Australia Pacific Summit 2018 to enlighten us on all things NDC - here's what went down.

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4 ways APIs drive business

Discover the 4 key benefits of APIs that help Travelport transform your travel shopping.

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Rethinking travel tech for the 21st century

Stuart Waldron, Travelport's VP of Technology and Head of Architecture on how NDC is indicative of transformation in the travel industry.

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5 things we've learnt from operating an NDC booking solution

From agent familiarity to a flexible approach, Ian Heywood shares his insights on how to make the system work.

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How to work together for successful airline retailing

Find out how we can support each other to ensure successful NDC implementation for everyone.

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Understanding the ins and outs of compliance

Get clarification on the different NDC certifications available today and what they mean for you.

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In conversation

Your Top 10 NDC questions answered

Ian Heywood, Travelport's Global Head of New Distribution, responds to the most frequently asked questions he's received to date.

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"We’d welcome any airline that's willing to commit"

David Rutnam, IATA NDC Regional Implementation Manager, on meeting the 2020 target with Travelport’s help.

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"There's a lot of interesting things coming!"

Online Travel Agencies on the sharp learning curve and the need for a strong platform intermediary.

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"The ultimate objective of delivering rich content will be achieved."

Mervyn Williamson  Managing Director, T&T Statesman on the opportunity NDC provides to offer more to customers.

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"We're assisting our TMC members in all the ways that we possibly can."

Adrian Parkes CEO, GTMC, on NDC disruption, uncertainty – and being better prepared with Travelport.

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How to build a robust, efficient and NDC compatible platform

Travelport invite you behind the scenes to see how they're preparing for NDC implementation.

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Paving the way for positive change

Learn about how Travelport is helping to make new distribution a reality through its NDC-enabled solutions.

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How can we build confidence in the face of disruption?

Find out how to overcome the potential operational and functional challenges that NDC poses to your TMC.

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Supporting corporates through the process

How can corporate travel managers and buyers make the most of the lucrative opportunities NDC presents?

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Is your agency delivering the most relevant booking options?

With the right technology in place, you'll have instant access to a cornucopia of content choice that will enable you to deliver the best possible service.

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Why does NDC matter to you?

Happier customers, a more streamlined booking process and increased revenue opportunities are just a handful of things to look forward to as we enter a new era.

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