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Optimize your travel program, control spend, and enhance the traveler experience
Travelport and IBM have worked together to develop IBM Travel Manager, a platform designed to help businesses manage corporate travel spend through advanced artificial intelligence. The platform uses IBM cognitive capabilities to track, manage, predict, and analyze travel costs in one place and fundamentally change how you manage and enhance your travel program.
All travel program data, in one place

Reconciling data from multiple sources is time-consuming and prone to errors. With IBM Travel Manager, you can say goodbye to siloed data sources and start understanding spend behavior and trends.

The platform reconciles data from multiple sources like expense systems, travel management companies, corporate cards and travel suppliers into one easy-to-visualize user interface. This allows you to instantly identify hotel, car, and airline savings.
Real-time data analysis

Better manage volume and supplier targets through real-time analysis of your travel data. With results at your fingertips, you’ll be in a stronger negotiating position with suppliers. You can also build a complete picture of where non-compliant spend is happening and take steps to reduce it.

For example, using the built-in city pair analysis capabilities, you can also set achievable revenue targets for different markets, taking into account each city's competitive landscape.

An AI-powered platform that can identify millions of $ in savings

Find out how IBM Travel Manager can help your business save on travel
program costs and change the way you manage travel.

Make better decisions

Make more informed decisions and test scenario impact before making changes to your program. Multiple ‘what if?’ reports are at your fingertips which will allow you to see how changes will affect your overall program.

For example, you can visualize your savings potential by shifting from one vendor to another, or savings resulting from changing your advance purchase windows.

Enhance the traveler experience

Corporate travel programs with a bad user experience result in travelers turning to alternative, non-approved channels to book their trips.

By combining IBM Travel Manager with other systems like your online booking tool, you will have an integrated platform to deliver a smooth travel experience right from the moment your colleagues identify the need to travel, to the moment they return safely home and submit their expenses.

Duty of care

At the heart of all corporate travel programs are people, not data. An optimized travel program reduces leakage to non-compliant booking channels, so you always know where your people are, can keep in touch with them throughout their trip, and support and advise when needed.

A 30-minute demo could save you 200 hours in data analysis

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and show how IBM Travel Manager can help transform corporate travel at your business.

Key Features
Integrated data and real-time visibility

End-to-end visibility of spend from multiple data sources including travel agencies, cards, expense systems, and suppliers
Normalize data

Advanced text mining, natural language processing (NLP), and crowd sourcing for data normalization and reconciliation
Role-based dashboards

Interactive dashboards for travel management team, procurement managers, business units, finance, HR, and individual travelers
Advanced analytics

For actionable insights including what-if scenarios to identify traveler behavior patterns and analyze new opportunities
Cognitive capabilities

Cognitive text and conversation-based searches, alerts, and recommendations
Trend detection alerts

Predictive trend detection from internal and external data sources such as benchmarking, news, etc.
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